About Us

Alishaev Brother's Incorporated is a story of success against all odds; “ The American Dream”.

Today, Alishaev Brothers Inc. is one of the largest jewelry companies in the world, working with thousands of businesses, but how it happened is amazing! The Alishaev Family emigrated from communist Russia in 1984 to the United States of America. A year later, in 1985, Gabriel Alishaev opened Alishaev Brothers Incorporated, selling in a small booth on 47th street in New york 10, 14, & 18 CT gold by weight. Only three years later, in 1988 the founder, Gabriel Alishaev, passed away and the business was left in the hands of his teenage sons; Simon, Joseph & Yuri. The following is more unbelievable than fiction. Instead of the business going into bankruptcy and the Russian immigrants becoming a burden on society, Alishaev Borthers Inc. flourished!

In 1990, the brothers began manufacturing jewelry in Hong Kong. In 1992 Alishaev Brothers made their debut exhibiting at the JCK Show in Las Vegas. In 1994 they moved into a 5000 square-foot showroom at and began selling diamond jewelry and watches. In 1998 they published the fist jewelry & gold catalog.

Bring the company to the next level Alishaev Brothers Inc. saw the next phase of their company relied on manufacturing. So in 2004 , they purchased a factory in Hong Kong to manufacture the gold & diamond jewelry.

As technology became more vital for the business the company, in 2004 they launched their website: www.alishaevBros.com. In 2010 Alishaev Brothers Inc. became a 3rd generation business with the addition of David Alishaev as the, on-site IT coordinator.

The design process at Alishaev Brothers Inc. is all about our clients. The best part of the day is collaborating in an imaginative process to create something beautiful, meaningful and high functional. Our years of experience, skilled craftsmen and state of the art manufacturing facility enable us to bring a vast array of techniques and processes to the forefront seamlessly.

The process begins with our designers hand-sketching all of the newest and classic styles. CAD drawings and illustrations are entered and reviewed by our designers for approval. A “wax” model is made to confirm the design in 3D. Our factory produces the pieces in gold in multiple sizes. The presorted stones are set in the finished gold jewelry. The merchandise is labeled, packaged and shipped to our headquarter in Manhattan to be available to our clients worldwide.

While the above is done when creating a beautiful jewelry that is available at anytime in our inventory, by virtue of being a manufacturer we are able to make custom pieces of any style to fit any budget.

When asked, “ What do you see in the future of Alishaev Brothers Incorporated?” The leaders of the company replied:

Simon Alishaev: My vision is for Alishaev Brothers Inc. is to continue to grow as a global leader in the jewelry and diamond industry. Through our networking and strategic planning the company has grown from small booth selling gold by weight to a multifaceted company selling gold, diamond jewelry, watches and eye wear. We operate offices around the world working with thousands of international businesses growing every day!

Joseph Alishaev: My vision for Alishaev Brothers inc. is to brand our company world-wide. I work closely with the best advertising companies around the world to insure that our brands are synonymous with merchandise that we sell. At this time I can confidently say that Alishaev Brothers Inc. is on the map and here to say!

Yuri Alishaev: My vision for Alishaev Brothers Inc. is to increase our company’s world-wide client-base and satisfaction. We utilize our resources to reach every potential client, establish new relationships. While at the same time, I make every effort to maintain and grow our current client-base. They are our greatest asset and our goal is 100% satisfaction at every encounter!

Most recently, in 2014 Alishaev Brothers Inc. purchased the building 20 West 47th New York, NY 10036 and moved into 5000 square-foot state-of-the-art show room designed by the company owners.

Finally, the company leadership has always been about giving back to the local community. One of their first philanthropic projects was the founding and online support of an elementary & middle school in Queens, NY. As timed passed and they were able to help more, they opened a local community center, helping the youth as well as the elderly. The list goes on and on, but the Alishaev Brothers success lives on throughout the community.